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Japanese waves window crystal

Japanese waves window crystal


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Band Cord

Japanese waves window crystal sun catcher

These sun catchers not only reflect the light through the cathedral glass used, but also make the whole room sparkle through the glass crystal: simply place it near the window in the sun and the prism casts rainbow colors on the wall!

Cathedral glass is used for wall decoration. I hand cut it to shape and sand down the edges. The waves each have a size of approx. 10x 10 cm.
Each pendant includes 40 cm of the macrame cord shown in the photos (or a thin black cord). If you still need a longer cord or would like a different color combination, please send me a message.
Individual waves can be selected in the respective colors, or several waves to make your room sparkle even more beautifully.
Handmade and packaged with love so it gets to you safely. Each object is a unique piece due to the nature of the glass and the handcraft. Small bumps in the glass make up the unique character of the glass. Perfect for giving away. When it comes to packaging, I attach particular importance to plastic-free and sustainable packaging.


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    You are looking for something unique, designed with passion and handmade?

    Every suncatcher is designed and handmade by us in Frankfurt, Germany. For a custom order please contact us.